Granada is one of the most visited city in Spain and besides its cultural interest it is also one of the best places where you can find different dishes that represent spanish  gastronomy. Here we will tell you about typical dishes in Granada so you  wouldn`t  miss a chance to try them while you are visiting.


This is certainly very typical in Granada that you can find in many bars, restaurants and even in monasteries. Its history is involved with saint San Cecilio, who lived in Sacromonte´s monastery, next to Granada.

The original Sacromonte´s omelette is prepared with suckling pigs brains, eggs and potatoes but new versions have also paprika, chorizo or peas.


Another very tasty local dish is fried green beans with jamòn. The traditional recipe insists to use local goods: green beans fried with chopped jamòn from Trevélez and served with salty  bread called saladillas. It has been cooked this way for generations but nowadays we can find new versions of it.

For example  an omelette or scrambled eggs with it are definitely worth to try. As we said that it is very common to find in Granada all year round, but almost obligatory to eat on the 3rd of May, when local festive Día de la Cruz de Granada is held.


Would you like to try a Mozarabs salad? Then we recommend you this one. It´s particulate name translated to english  would mean “soaked Granada´s way”. It`s a coastal dish but you can find it inland also and even in other counties than Granada.  To make a perfect Remojón you need the best ingredients. Despite different versions of it, the most common is to make it with orange, spring onion and cod. You can also find it with olives, potatoes, boiled eggs or tried tomatoes but always with those three main ingredients and  seasoned with olive oil from southern Spain.

When is the best time to try it? In the past it was common at the orange picking season, but nowadays you can find it all year round.


This dish is known in all over Andalusia and it has an Arab background. The mixture of different flavours is an explosion in your mouth even though it´s a dish that is very easy to prepare:  aubergine pieces are rolled in flour, then fried in hot oil and when golden brown and plated,  poured over with a little of molasses. Its contrast of salty and sweet will surprise you.


This pastry was invented in 1897   in honor of a pope´s visit to Granada. Nevertheless the original version is the most common, there are also many new flavoured piononos like chocolate, raspberry, vanilla, tiramisu and so on. If you love sweets, it is certainly a must to try.

What do you think about our typical dishes?

The only thing left is to go find and enjoy them.

And also you can come to Ruta del Azafrán and have unforgettable experience enjoying Granada`s culture, views and gastronomy all in one place.